Meet Dr. Natalia Tilki

Dr. Tilki is one of the most prominent ophthalmologists in Los Angeles, CA. She combines her unique European experience with advances of modern American ophthalmology. Beginning her medical training at the top leading and prestigious universities in Moscow, she completed a Masters Degree in Biology and Anthropology in Moscow State University. She then received her medical degree at Moscow Academy of Medicine in Moscow, Russia. Eventually, she gained invaluable experience while working with the modern day pioneer in refractive and cataract surgery, Dr. Svyatoslav Fyodorov.

Our philosophy is to help you protect the gift of vision and enjoy a better quality of life.

Once in the US, Dr. Natalia Tilki completed her second medical training at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York, NY and her residency at Midwestern University in Chicago, IL and Stanford, CA. In addition, she completed cornea research fellowship at Louisiana State University where she conducted numerous research projects and was published in various major American journals.

Since opening her private practice in 2005, Emerald Eye Center Inc., in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Tilki has been specializing in Anterior Segment Surgery and management of diabetic retinopathy. Some of her specialties include:

  • Cataract surgery, including premium intraocular lenses, allowing to see without glasses.
  • Glaucoma management, such as various laser surgeries and Ahmed valve placement.
  • Pterygium removal with graft.
  • Lasik. PRK, clear lens exchange.

Dr.Tilki has been very successful in the diagnosis and management of Diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, including Laser surgeries and intravitreal injections. Dr. Tilki’s very special and personal approach to each patient allows her to reach better visual outcome and significantly improve her patients’ quality of life.